for panlixdreamsforeverwithlostboys request for more shirtless felix (is this considered a pin-up now?)

for demons cannot dream, so he watches her sleep

inspired by x

the right-hand man 


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so this is for sonya's bday. 

(warning: crack LOLOL) 

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Blue lips, blue veins


This is definitely going to be elaborated upon but I wanted to post what I had because I haven’t written anything substantial in a while lbr, I plan on filling some prompts from like forever ago tomorrow 

41. ghost/living person au

If there was one thing Peter hated it was unwelcomed guests.

He’d had years of families with loud kids and demanding, clueless parents stomping through his hallways, clearing off his marks from the walls – pretending he wasn’t there. They entered as if they were the first ones, like the house belonged to them. It didn’t.

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gardenoftacos asked:
Dp. Tying up the other.


heyo this has been sitting in my ask box for far too many months and I’m ashamed

send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write you a ficlet about one (x)

“In all honesty Wendy I really don’t see the appeal.”

She could’ve laughed at how he said it, the normally careless sound of his voice wavering only slightly as she yanked the rope binding his wrists to iron headboard tight above his head. She sat back on his waist and placed her hands lightly on his chest – she watched as Peter squirmed beneath her, half-testing her knot tying skills and the other half in discomfort at being on the receiving end.

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Screen Cap: Darling’s Deal

On the eve of Wendy’s 16th birthday George and Mary Darling were visited by an old friend they hoped to never see again. This old friend reminds them of their deal before disappearing from their sight. 

On the night of Wendy’s birthday Mary enters Wendy’s bedroom and tells her a story that happened when she was just a girl.

Mary had gone by Molly at that time and she had gone to Neverland with George. While there they had many adventures with the leader and ruler of the island Peter Pan. But something terrifying happened to Molly when she had touched the one plant on the island that was deadly, Dreamshade. Molly was dying and George was beside himself, Peter could see they had something that he could never hope to have, love. In turn he agreed to save Molly’s life but all magic comes at a cost. Peter asked for their future first born child, in hopes it would be a boy of course, in return his shadow would come to their home and deliver the magic waters of Neverland that would keep Molly alive. But should they refuse him she would die.

Wendy was appalled by the story and begged her mother not to do this, that there had to be another way. With tears in her eyes Mary shut the door locking Wendy in, repeating constantly how sorry she was.

Wendy eventually gave up trying to get out and waited in her bed. When the window opened the shadow entered holding a satchel which she assumed held the water. Following the shadow was a figure, a boy who seemed around her age. He was beautiful, his sharp eyes and lean body, she found herself blushing at the sight of him. He strolled in to her bedroom sauntering towards her, she stood her ground and refused to go with him when he asked her to. He told her how she had no choice, she now belonged to him as per the deal and if Wendy didn’t want to be motherless she better cooperate. And as all people with a pure hearts do, she gave herself up to save her family. She went to Neverland with him and never saw her family again.

He is a demon who takes on the face of a boy

once you see him there is no escaping

                                                                      for demons who want things

                                                                      rarely ever let go

dp + kiss on the head

for andrea's request, an adorable scene between wendy and peter in a gazebo, all dressed up. 


The fall of Icarus by René Milot

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An attempt at Hogwarts Darling Pan. 
Gryffindor Wendy (Gryffindor mostly because I tried my hand with a Hermione pic for maximum easiness but I like GryffindorWendy)


If Maleficent can be resurrected (which I’m guessing is the case because she’s announced to have a ‘major arc’) then so can other characters…


like this glorious asshole

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