my current top 25 ouat characters

23. wendy darling

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Capernoited - Slightly Intoxicated or Tipsy

(Send me a word and a character/pairing and I will write a drabble.)

If there’s one thing she’s come to appreciate about this century, it’s definitely the inventive drinks they’ve come up with. Especially those of the alcoholic nature.

Perhaps that isn’t true most of the time, but right at this moment she is especially appreciative of the cocktails, mocktails, mixes, and stirred drinks. Especially the strawberry daiquiri she has in her hand, though she cannot remember bringing the glass out of The Rabbit Hole, having had enjoyed a girls night out with Tink and Ruby. She’ll have to remember to return it tomorrow.

Sipping at the drink, she struggles to open the door to her room in Granny’s bed and breakfast, one she stays in alone after taking forever to convince her brothers that she needed her independence, but for some reason the key just won’t work. Frustrated, she bangs on the door, before jumping back in surprise as someone answers it.

Hair mussed and t-shirt rumpled, Peter’s eyes are bleary as he stares down at her in confusion. It is only then that she realises she had been attempting to open the wrong door, her feet automatically leading her to Peter’s room instead of her own. She must be tipsier than she thought.

“Oops,” Wendy giggles, before waving her glass around in farewell and stumbling back to try and find the right room. Peter’s hand wraps around her wrist before she can walk away, steadying her as she almost trips on, well, air really.

His eyes become more aware as he looks her over. Sighing, he rolls his eyes.

“Come on,” he mutters, before tugging her inside and closing the door behind him. A warm shirt hits her in the face and when it falls to the ground, she spies a shirtless Peter getting into bed. He has moved to the side, leaving a space next to him obviously meant for her. His eyes are closed, but she can tell he isn’t asleep yet.

She grumbles out a thank you, her voice husky from the alcohol, then puts the glass on his bare chest of drawers. Shimmying out of her dress and bra, she pulls his shirt over her body, naked save for her skimpy underwear. She is thankful for the warmth.

When she turns back to his bed, Peter’s eyes are open, his head resting on his arms as he looks at her. It is her turn to roll her eyes, but she does so as she approaches the bed, crawling in beside him and pulling the covers over her upto her chin. She tries to face away, but his arm snakes around her waist and pulls her towards him so that they are pressed together, foreheads touching.

“You smell.” he whispers, and she shoves at him until he chuckles, “I didn’t say you smelled bad now did I? No, you smell sweet.”

“It’s the sugar.” she says, though it takes her seconds to realise that that probably didn’t make sense. She had meant the sugar from the daiquiri, some of which she can still feel on her lips. Her tongue peeks out at the corner as she tries to capture some of the granules. She hears Peter’s breath hitch and that’s the only warning she gets before his mouth captures hers and his tongue licks the rest of the sugar away. They kiss each other for a while, lazy kisses with hands clutching shoulders, until Wendy feels her eyes start to droop. Peter gives her one last peck before pulling her closer until she’s lying half on him.

“Sleep,” he says. Too tired to argue, Wendy closes her eyes, the haze of the alcohol making her murmur things against his chest, things that she would never say if sober.

Fortunately for her, he hears nothing.

Darling Pan Ship Week starts August 4!!


Hey Darling Pandom!

Just a reminder that Darling Pan ship week starts next Monday! Are you ready?

If you haven’t yet, take a look at our themes ! 

If you have any questions please use the ask box! Thank you and have fun!

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Don’t go


whoops my finger slipped a painfully short thing that basically boils down to the post below, clearly not in neverland due to the whole natural death thing not being a thing

Person A wakes up one morning to find out the other has passed away in their sleep (x)


     Peter had his nose pressed to her shoulder, where the blankets had been pushed away –he hummed into her skin, kept his eyes closed to avoid the sun. She felt cold. Almost painfully cold under his face as he dragged his mouth up and across to her neck, wanting to get as much touching as he could into their morning before the sun became too bright for them to keep themselves in bed.

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peter looking vacant (hunting attire) / peter and wendy reunion

thanks to tammy and her recent chapter of Greatest Pretend, i had a doodling moment. 

Darling Pan Ship Week 2014! »


Welcome to the very first Darling Pan ship week! Below are themes and prompts to help inspire. The week will be constructed with two prompts a day but you can pick what you want to do. Please contribute and keep this ship afloat!

Monday, August 4th

  • Theme: Arrows
  • Song/poem/tropes: Almost…

Greatest Pretend »


Centuries of waiting is over as the heart of the truest believer is finally in Pan’s clutches. Wendy struggles between doing what she knows is right and the need to protect those she loves at any cost. As Peter faces the beginning of the end he must choose between the island he has to save and the…


I forgot everything but you - Yeaaah! Studio

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Now the girl had wondered where the boy went, for he no longer accompanied her on an evening walk or run or climb. Not since the day he had offered her the dying shell of a magical entity. It was only when she climbed the Peak that fateful night, and saw the lights blinking out one by one that she realised what had happened. The pained screeching that was rending the night air dogged her footsteps and she jumped up and fled.

Based on this gorgeous story by yazerbaijan: let us step into the night. 

Paper and Sleuthers: The Scars


Sorry for the late update!

AU: In which Peter, Wendy, and several others work at the Daily Mirror in Storybrooke. 

pt.2 Pan, Felix, and Tink’s relationship

Pan went to Granny’s after the disaster. Three drinks in and he could just barely remember Wendy Darling’s forest-green eyes and the despicable way she went at him. But no amount of alcohol could help Pan forget just how the little fluttering wench had humiliated him on his turf. A mistake he had the burning urge to fix then and there.

As if his thoughts were being injected through the dinner, a body jumped into the seat beside him, motioning for two more drinks.

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